"Dancing with the Hula Hoop brings me to a beautiful flow state."

From The Beginning

Scarlett’s love for performance started from a young age with singing dancing and acting. However it was the hula hoop that really brought her into the limelight.

The Spark Ignited The Flame

She began hula hooping in 2007, with a focus on-body hoop dance and flow. In 2010 she landed a regular performance slot at Proud Camden with Smash and Grab. From then on she began performing at parties and festivals and stared teaching a few years later.

"The Hula Hoop becomes a part of my body as I dance to the music."

Training With The Majorettes

In 2015 she joined Marawa’s Majorettes, a Guinness World record braking troupe, headed by Marawa the Amazing. Where she trained, taught and performed group routines.

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